About Easyhome -
About Easyhome - Easyhome was developed by The Makeover Guys, an established home restoration firm that has been serving property investors in the rental market since 2014. Due to a large demand for such services from homes with restricted budgets, they developed a new brand called Easyhome.

Challenge -
Easyhome's mission is to offer better and more economical design to the way we live. Our mission is to incorporate more colour and functionality into the communication. The creative strategy is influenced by the Scandinavian design principles of minimalism, simplicity, and functionality. By adding components such as a beautiful colour palette, stacking lines, modular blocks, and excellent layout design, the new brand reimagines our living place as one with a more deliberate design and service, yet at an inexpensive price.

Brand Strategist: Angeline Hong
Art Director: Pin Shen

The Makeover Guy Sdn Bhd

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